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By Mariel Marmorato - August 2nd 2014 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm
A workshop for Yoga instructors and students who want to depelop the consciousness about your own body and asanas alignments.

We learn to:
- Align, correct and adjust the postures respecting the biomechanics and the particularities and limitations of each body.
- Observe where we compensate different postures
- Introduce modifications and variations in case we are locked in the shoulder zone and/or hip joint.
- Design exercises and appropriate modifications for various basic pathologies that affect the spinal column or scoliosis.

ISHVARA PRANIDHANA: Opening your lotus

August 4th 2014-10am a 12:30 - by Atma Crista
Atma Crista comes to SER Om Shanti Yoga Studio and leads a Yoga class where the practice is inspired by the Ashtanga Yoga method, therefore it works on the physical side with many delicious Vinyasas to help you prepare your opening lotus.
Suitable for all levels, as there will be options given for both beginners and advanced students.


January, 11th and 12th 2014: BACKBENDS AND ARM BALANCES


In this workshop, we will provide the tools to balance the Anahata chakra and connect with the wonderful power of the air element , helping you to gain more determination safely , advancing from the obstacles that life presents you.

We are delving deeper into how you can improve your arches with the intention of achieving and increasing your determination and courage. This will allow you to confront your column extensions and arm balances.

The workshop will be in Spanish with English translation.

Date: Saturday, January 11th from 3:00 to 6:00 pm and
Sunday, January 12th from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30

Investment: $ 60 both days or $ 30 per day
Early Payment (until January 10) $ 50 for 2 days
(those who attend both days will receive a video with technical views presented in the workshop plus some complementary concepts)

Mariel 8346-8005 / /

CHATURANGA DANDASANA, Posture of Four Limbs चतुरङ्ग दण्डासन.

With MARIEL, March 8th 2015 from 3:00 to 5:30pm.
A personalized workshop where we will learn to find our best version of Chaturanga Dandasana right now. And to feel its benefits at the physical, energetic and emotional level.
One per one, we will analyze what compensations there are in our posture, weaknesses and/or blockages in the body that are preventing us from moving forward toward a full and well-aligned version of Chaturanga.
And once they are identified, we will work on them through various exercises in a gradual and progressive manner.

Most Yoga practitioners, including myself, have encountered difficulties in Chaturanga and have done it wrong for years. We have offset this posture in the many ways we have found to do it. Of course, most of the time, this is not consciously.

And why is Chaturanga is so challenging ?
Because Chaturanga Dandasana, the push up in Yoga, is a very strong position especially for women. It requires strong abs, strong arms and shoulders and a postural awareness to create proper alignment and prevent compensation.

And why the need to align properly?
Because if you practice a dynamic style of Yoga such as Ashtanga or Vinyasa flow , you enter into Chaturanga many times per session and probably most of these times, in a wrong way. And if one does not practice the asana correctly over and over again for a long time, it is likely that an injury will occur and in this case, especially in the rotator cuff.

So I suggest you to learn what is the best version of Chaturanga for you today and wich guid, with practice consciously in time, the full version of the well-aligned posture.
Remember, Yoga is a journey so enjoy it !
Om Shanti, Namasté


February 21 2015 1:30pm to 5:30pm. Ser Om Shanti Yoga Studio
Join Mariel Marmorato this Saturday January 31st 2015 for a Workshop designed to teach you how to refine your body mechanics. Mariel will share the principles of Bandha Yoga - The Scientific Keys by Dr Ray Long MD FRCSC.
Dr. Long bestselling publications ( have been a source of inspiration throughout Mariel´s career long learning. She expanded that knowledge as a pupil this past December, in an intensive [Dr. Long ] workshop that took place at Nosara Yoga Institute.
Join her for this amazing opportunity to learn how good your body is designed to feel.


with Mariel Marmorato - 12 th april 2015 9.00 am - 12.00
At Colores del Pacifico, Flamingo , Costa Rica:
Master the science behind Vinyasa Flow and the standing poses of Hatha Yoga. Learn this and more, through a step-by-step process and instructions on how to use scientific principles to obtain the maximum benefit from your practice.
The first hour will be of detailed studied explanations on the fundamentals with guidance of the anatomy, biomechanics, and physiology, decoding each pose along the way.
The second part of the class is a 2 hours of a master class where you will be able to apply these learned concepts and improve strength, flexibility, and precision, no matter what style of yoga you practice.
Experience muscle awakening and increased body awareness as you engage more of your muscle groups during your yoga practice.
Where: Colores del Pacifico Health & Wellness center
Playa Flamingo - Guanacaste - Costa Rica.
Investment: $40 / early birds $36 before Friday 10th
Option: vegan brunch, $12. Please, confirm before Friday 10 th
Sinpe 15202001163967588.
Account BCR $ AH. 001-1639675-8. Vanhabost Cathy
More Info and Pictures:


By Daniela Gasparin, September 13th, 2015 8.30 am - 1.30 pm
Daniela Gasparin is a highly trained professional with deep knowledge and many years of experience in the world of yoga and medicine: Bachelor of Kinesiology and Physical Medicine, Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Yoga Teacher and University Professor.

In this Workshop we will work on the following theme:

-Anatomy and Biomechanics of the Spine, experimental approach.
-Ideal Posture.
-Spine deviations: corrections, increased curves and scoliosis.
-Most frequent pathologies: osteoarthritis, disc hernia.
-Pain: characteristics according to their origin. Which poses you can hold in the asana practice


March 14th 2015 at Ser Om Shanti Yoga Studio
Design and build your own Mandala with the Artist Malu Moreira at Ser Om Shanti Yoga Studio.

Cost: $ 76 ($56 Class and $ 20 Material)

Awareness and Alignments with Mariel Marmorato

september 4th till september 7th 2014 8 am till 1pm
Deepening body / postural awareness
Bids properly adjust compensation to go to the correct alignment respecting the biomechanics and the peculiarities and limitations of each body. Design modifications and variations gradual and convenient if girdle locks and / or hip belt, disc disease or injury.

Ademando enhance breathing and use of the bands.
In Colores de Pacifico, Playa Flamingo

Bringing Light to the Planet

with ATMA CRISTA July 23th 2014 10 am till 12 pm
Atma taught a class in which you can create more awareness of your sanctuary, both internal and external. The practice is for all age groups, from people with high body potential to sedentary individuals in order to not compromise your health.

Donations to benefit the Childrens Park Oneida Tamarindo.
Ser Om Shanti Yoga Studio

Chaturanga Dandasana Level 1

April 4th 2014 3 pm till 5.30 pm
Biomechanics of posture,
Liberation of the shoulder girdle,
Strengthen of hands, arms, back, abs.
Awareness of muscles that hold the scapulae,
Compensation, gradual modifications and variations in posture,
Bandhas, Breathing.

Inversion: $30 / Maximun 12 students
Where: SER Om Shanti Yoga Studio, Tamarindo
More info: 8346-8005 (Mariel)


Saturday December 12th 2.30 pm till 5.30 pm
Awareness and empowerment.
Dissociation, and harmonic lines ripples through a sensual and sacred dance

Tribal Fusion is a contemporary dance that unites ancient disciplines as Belly Dance, Flamenco, Indian dance, contemporary dance and yoga.
We will focus on identifying the muscles responsible for bodily movement, isolate them and then integrate them rhythmically and melodically harmonious drawing geometric figures in space and to paint the music with the body.
The intent of this dance is to achieve the maximum expression of women''s potential, release the inner goddess in a noncompetitive and community context (one Tribe).

The dynamic of the workshop consists of four phases:
- Based STRUCTURAL YOGA and fundamentals of Ballet and Contemporary Dance especially floorwork .
- TECHNICAL (dissociation - RIPPLES) consisting locate, raise awareness and develop the muscles responsible for the movement to draw shapes with the body
- A phase where technical styling helps us understand the harmonious and aesthetic lines and dancing,
- A danced on stage to unify all dancing and flow together in harmony with the music.

Investing $ 35 (early payment $ 30 to Dec. 11)

more information: / 859162 36

Open to Grace January 9th and 10th

Yoga Workshop with Dougie @ Ser Om Shanti Yoga Studio
Saturday January 9th 2.30: THE FOUNDATION
-building the core
-arm balances
-level 1-2 backbends

Sunday January 10th: GOING DEEPER
-more inversions
-arm balance transitions
-level 2-3 backbends

Investement: 1day: $30 , 2days: $50


February 6th 2016 @ Ser Om Shanti Yoga Studio 2pm - 5.30 pm
The ultimate chakra balancing experience to improve your well being. The workshop offers a unique integration of Yin and Restorative Yoga, with Pranic ‘Energy’ Healing, Crystals and Essential Oils. Find out your specific energy blockages, if any. See the difference after the experience. Take home simple and powerful practices to help keep your chakras in balance.
•Personalized chakra measurement before and after the experience
•Information sharing related to the energy body and how to balance chakras
•Chakra by chakra energy balancing
◦Yoga poses will be Yin and Restorative during which we:
▪Apply essential oils and Pranic Healing
▪Describe phycological and physical elements by chakra
▪Share chakra affirmations
•Guided Meditation called Twin Hearts.
•Mini Pranic Healing session

• Cost $50 per person, Yoga Teachers and repeat participants $40
Where: SER Om Shanti Yoga Studio, Tamarindo
To Reserve: 8591-6236 (Mariel)
For more information call Gita 8828-0549 or email Brenda

Arm Balance & Inversion Level 1

Saturday April 23rd , 2016, from 2:00 till 5:00pm

Level 1: The Foundations.
By Mariel Marmorato, Olivia Mancino and Johanna Godinez

Join us on Saturday April 23rd for our Arm Balancing and Inversions Workshop, Level I.

Learn the foundational postures and special exercises that will help you to gain strength and flexibility, lose your fears and understand the basics principles of these challenging yoga poses.
We will guide you from Chaturanga Dandasana and Adhomuka (downward dog) toward Bakasana, Sirsasana (headstand), Pyncha Mayurasana (forearmstand), Adhomukha Vrksasana (handstand) and Sarvangasana (shoulderstand).
Take the challenge, we give you the technique and the how.

There is no experience needed.

@ Ser Om Shanti Yoga Studio , Plaza Tamarindo CC, 2nd floor, above ABC Real Estate

$35 PP / $30 for Ser Om Shanti Students with active class pass.

More info: / +506 8591-6236


Saturday April 30, 2016 From 2 to 5 PM. Ser Om Shanti Studio
Intermediate Level

If you are able to comfortably hold a Chaturanga, Bakasana (Crane pose) and basic inversions, than you are ready to explore more challenging postures

Step by step we will give you the technique to build intermediate arm balance postures and eventually work your way into transitioning from one posture to another.
Specific and personalized attention will be given for you to unfold full potential, allowing you to brake boundaries while respecting and empowering your body and mind.

$ 35 PP / $ 30 Ser Om Shanti students with active pass.

Kirtan in Tamarindo

Shivani Aum sharing her beautiful voice and power mantras
She just landed back in Pura Vida Land from India and brought back
countless new musical instruments and knowledge to share with us
and elevate our vibrations.
The event will be on June 5th at 7:30pm at the Diria Convention Center
in Tamarindo.
Spaces are limited and filling up SUPER FAST! You can get your ticket at Ser Om Shanti Studio.

The Path of Spiritual Yoga

Beginning Jan.14th, 2017
This course will be taught entirely in Spanish.

The dates and times for the first level of the Spiritual Yoga course are:

Jan.14th and 15th
Jan.28th and 29th
Feb.11th and 12th
The course will be taught all on weekends.

Saturdays: 2pm - 5pm
Sundays: 7:30am - 10:15am, 12:30pm - 3:30pm

The themes for the first level of the course are:

1st weekend:
Yoga and its practice
Yoga and suffering
Yoga and daily life

2nd weekend:
Everything is Perfect
Yoga and the fear of the soul
Yoga, Karma, and reincarnation

3rd weekend:
Yoga and Dharma
Yoga and happiness
Yoga and Nature

The Embodiment of Durga

January 26th, 2017, 1pm - 5pm
$45 Early Bird, paid by Jan.24th

**This course will be taught in English.

Why is Durga the name of this workshop?

In the mythology of India, Durga is one of the manifestations of Shakti; that of the fierce and courageous mother. Her energy is multifold: she supports us in bringing our life to order, so that we can do our work in the world; she brings strength when difficulties arise; she brings courage, fortitude, ground and warmth to our world; and she gives energy and stability.

In our one day journey, we will connect with her through an asana practice that will bring us into an embodiment of her strength and warmth; through mantra, pranayama and visualization on our mats. We will then move into a meditation practice with the Devi Mahatmyam; also known as the Chandi Path~an ancient Sanskrit text that describes Durga''s victory over our ego (that which differentiates us as separate from the divine.) Then we will learn a basic and beautiful internal Durga puja; so that we may fully embody Durga''s consciousness and be free of all that obstructs the fluid movement of her power in us.

About the Instructor:

My name is Rachel May. I have been teaching yoga and Sri Vidya Tantra for 16 years; and I have been an Ayurvedic counselor for four years. I have been practicing yoga for 25 years. I reside in the United States; but am traveling and teaching for most of the year.

It is an honor and a privilege to come to Ser Om Shanti to lead the Durga Mini Retreat!

Yin Yoga & Vibrational Meditation with Singing Bowls

July 15th, 3pm - 5pm
Reponer, Revivir, Equilibrar, y Restaurar.

Te invitamos a unirte a nosotros y participar de un mini workshop en Ser Om Shanti Yoga Studio:


La clase estará guiada por Lindsay y nos acompañará Luis de Vortex Infinity con la vibtación de sus cuencos.

Yin Yoga es una práctica profundamente relajante con estiramientos de larga duración, que abren y energizan los meridianos, o vías de energía del cuerpo, restaurando la movilidad de la articulación a medida que activas y recoges tu chi, tu prana - tu fuerza vital.

Durante este taller, Lindsay te introducirá al Yin Yoga; sus muchos beneficios para la salud, su filosofía, y hablará de los errores que pueden rodear esta práctica.

La clase será interactiva; habrá tiempo para una sesión de preguntas y respuestas, junto con una práctica Yin para explorar y profundizar en algunas de las posturas Yin.

Esta práctica preparará nuestros cuerpos y mentes para una profunda meditación, acompañado por los asombrosos sonidos de la meditación vibracional, proporcionado por Vortex Infinity.

En el mundo de hoy, lleno de estrés y estímulos constantes, es más importante que nunca que nutramos nuestros cuerpos y les damos tiempo para restaurar.

Te invitamos a aprovechar esta oportunidad para nutrir tu espíritu, rejuvenecer tu cuerpo y animar tu mente.

No importa si has ya practicado Yoga. Todos los niveles bienvenidos.

Free Workshop: Kirtan and Meditation

Saturday, Sept.2nd, 3pm - 5pm
Bhakti and Meditation Gathering (Satsang)

Come and join us as we sing to manifest clarity, unity, compassion, and the clearing of obstacles in this life with a visiting bhakti yogini, Caryn, from Santa Cruz, California, who will lead the kirtan on her ukelele.

In this kirtan and meditation practice, we will chant the very simple but powerful sacred yoga mantras together. Each mantra has a meaning and purpose and these will be explained briefly before we sing each mantra. Musicians, feel free to bring your instrument and join in!

Following kirtan, Caryn will lead a brief guided meditation.

This workshop is FREE, and only in English.

Location: SER Om Shanti Yoga Studio
Plaza Tamarindo CC, 2nd Floor, above ABC Real Estate, in front of Pacific Park Building
Tamarindo, Costa Rica

(506) 8591 6236

Back Bending with Esteban Salazar

Saturday & Sunday, Feb. 3rd & 4th, 2pm - 5pm
With his 19 years of practicing and 15 years of teaching, Esteban Salazar is an internationally known yoga teacher and one of the creators of Krama Yoga Studio in San Jose, Costa Rica. His classes are like riding a wave, entering into this lovely flow of creativity and expression from the heart.

For 2 days, Esteban will take us on a unique journey as we investigate all the different aspects of back bending. Moving on to the symbology of the back bend, we will dive into the deeper aspects of yoga through the study of chakras, mudras, pranayama, and mantras.

Beginning with the bio mechanics of the back bend, we will understand how to back bend in a safe and healthy way, using various modifications or deep variations depending on your skill level.

Each day we will explore different back bends in different families of asanas. Esteban will offer various exercises and yoga poses to mobilize different zones of the body, (such as opening the shoulder girdle and stretching the quadriceps) in order to enter into back bends that we never have before.

You can participate in one of the days, however we encourage you to attend both days, as Saturday and Sunday complement each other and are designed to be taken together.

This workshop will be taught in both English and Spanish.

Pre- registration is encouraged as spots are limited.
Saturday & Sunday: $60 (early bird $45 before feb. 1st.)
1 day $35 (early bird $25 before feb. 1st.)

Please stop by the reception at SER Om Shanti to pay in cash to reserve your space or you can make a deposit to one of the following accounts. If you are paying by deposit, please email us the receipt to

Cuenta de Ahorro USD: 001-1368274-1
Cta Cliente: 15202001136827413
Cliente: Aqui y Ahora Ser Om Shanti

Or Banco Nacional
Cuenta de Ahorro USD: 200-02-145-004673-8
Cuenta Cliente: 15114520020046736
Mariel Andrea Marmorato


If you would like more information about Esteban, you can visit:

Instagram: @estebansalazarj
YouTube: Esteban Salazar-Krama Yoga

Ayurveda: Science of Self Healing

Sunday, Feb. 11th, 2pm - 5:30pm (in English)
Ayurvedic Clinical Therapist, Leo Cordero, will lead us in depth workshop about Ayurveda: the Science of Self Healing.

Topics will include:
~ the origin of Ayurveda
~ different body types (doshas)
~ imbalances of each body type
~ diet & practices for each body type
~ your own personal ayurvedic pulse reading

Don''t miss this opportunity to learn more about how to improve your own health and wellness from the perspective of Ayurveda, the sister science to the practice of Yoga.

Saturday, Feb.10th, 2pm-5:30pm (Spanish)
Sunday, Feb.11th 2pm-5:30pm (English)

Cost: $40
Early Bird $32 (before Feb.8th)

Please stop by the reception at SER Om Shanti to pay in cash to reserve your space or you can make a deposit to one of the following accounts. If you are paying by deposit, please email us the receipt to

Cuenta de Ahorro USD: 001-1368274-1
Cta Cliente: 15202001136827413
Cliente: Aqui y Ahora Ser Om Shanti

Or Banco Nacional
Cuenta de Ahorro USD: 200-02-145-004673-8
Cuenta Cliente: 15114520020046736
Mariel Andrea Marmorato

Everyone is welcome! Namaste!

A Journey into Hanumanasana: Pranayama & Meditation

Saturday, March 3rd, 2:30pm - 5:30pm
We will explore, physically and emotionally, the gradual and organic path towards the opening of Hanumanasana, one of the splits in Yoga.

We will also deepen in the awareness of the psoas and in the flexibility of the muscles of the legs and hips.

We will dive into different Pranayamas and will end with a meditation guided by the healing power of the singing bowls by Laura Méndez.

Price: $40
Early Bird: $32 by March 1st

Taught in English and Spanish.
Level 1-2

Please stop by the reception at SER Om Shanti to pay in cash to reserve your space or you can make a deposit to one of the following accounts. If you are paying by deposit, please email us the receipt to

Cuenta de Ahorro USD: 001-1368274-1
Cta Cliente: 15202001136827413
Cliente: Aqui y Ahora Ser Om Shanti

Or Banco Nacional
Cuenta de Ahorro USD: 200-02-145-004673-8
Cuenta Cliente: 15114520020046736
Mariel Andrea Marmorato

Welcome to the journey!

Retiro de Yoga, Meditacion, y Caminatas Conscientes

March 16th - 18th, 2018
Retiro en el Carolina Lodge:


Una conexión con nuestro Ser.

3 jornadas intensivas de YOGA, MEDITACIÓN Y CAMINATAS CONSCIENTES con Cathy y Mariel en el Carolina Lodge, Parque del Volcán Tenorio, Costa Rica.

Desde el Viernes 16 de marzo hasta el domingo 18 de marzo, un retiro de 3días (dos noches) en la magia de la naturaleza.

Programa :

Viernes 16 de marzo:

- 1:30pm Arribo a Carolina Lodge (2h 30min en carro desde Tamarindo, nos organizamos entre todos los participantes para viajar en 3 carros)

- 1:30-2:30pm Almuerzo ligero (llevamos una vianda para compartir)

-2:30-4:30pm Caminata Consciente (DESCRIPCION doc 1)

- 5:00 - 6:15pm Yoga y meditación

- 7:00 Cena


7:00-8:15am Yoga
8.30-9:30am Desayuno
10:00am-15:00pm Caminata Consciente con pic-nic ( DESCRIPCION DOC 2)
5:00-6:45pm Yoga y Meditación
7:00pm Cena


7-8:15am Yoga
8:30-9:15am Desayuno
9:30-11:30am Caminata: visita de una granja agroecológica y mariposario (DOC 4)
12:00pm Almuerzo

14:00pm Salida, regreso a Tamarindo

Clases de Yoga y Meditación solo en español.

Grupo reducido con un máximo de 10 participantes.

Precio total por persona: $490


Alojamiento por 2 noches y 3 días en cabañas estilo rústico

Desayuno, almuerzo y cena

4 clases de Yoga y Meditación

Entrada a los parques y guías para caminatas.

New Moon Sound Journey

On Thursday June 15th at 7:15pm in Ser Om Shanti Yoga Studio, we invite you to experience the Sounds of the Universe as you are showered in waves of primordial vibration with some of the richest sounding instruments in existence: High Alchemy Crystal Bowls and Powerful Paiste Gongs.
We recommend you book your spot since they are limited. $20 per person.


For 3 days(July 13,14 & 15) Esteban will take us on a unique journey as we begin with a deep, integral and balanced Master Class of Vinyasa practice on Friday and move on to investigating all the different aspects of twists and hip openers on Saturday and Sunday.
Then, we will dive into the deeper aspects of yoga through the practice of Pranayama.
Prices for all 3 days: $85 (or $60 in early bird till July 11th)
Per day:
- Friday: $30 (or $20 in early bird)
Saturday & Sunday: $35 each (or $25 each in early bird)
Spots are limited. Payment is required for registration.

Hip Opening Workshop w/Mariel

Friday, January 18th - 2:00pm a 5:00pm
In this workshop Mariel will lead students through different hip opening sequences that have been developed over a period of 20 years of practice. We will learn to approach hip opening postures from diverse perspectives and progress from simple to more intense variations of these postures through orderly and organic sequencing.

Level 1-2. Workshop will be taught in English and Spanish.

Yin Yoga & Vibrational Meditation Wth Singing Bowls Workshop

Saturday, January 26th 2019
In this workshop with Lindsay, she will introduce you to Yin Yoga; its many health benefits, the philosophy of Yin, and address some of the misconceptions that can surround this practice.
Q&A time and Practice:
The class will be interactive: there will be time for a Q & A session, along with a Yin practice to explore and go deeper into some of the Yin postures.
Vibrational Meditation:
This Yin practice will prepare our bodies and minds for a deep meditation, accompanied by the amazing sounds of vibrational meditation, provided by Vortex Infinity.

No prior yoga experience needed. All levels

  • Yoga Styles
    • Hatha Yoga
    • Vinyasa Flow Yoga
    • Yoga Restorative
    • Ashtanga
    • Pilates Mat
    • Yogalates

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